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Jan 05, 2019

Re:  Will Gavin Newsom change the state’s water course? Fish and farmers will soon find out

Consider this: water depletion has occured because of a lack of snow in the Sierras and other drought-causing conditions. But we also have one of the most productive ag' regions in the entire country in the Central Valley. It takes a lot of water to feed a hungry nation. 

But the elephant in the room is the real estate development demoaning more and more water for every home and office park and school. This demand is outstripping the water supply. The Tejon Ranch development proposal, for example, sits on land with NO WATER OF ITS OWN. And like all developers, the tell us about all the construction jobs — temporary though they will be — yet, refuse to discuss increased commuter traffic from an isolated housing development into job centers in the SFV and LA. The I-5 will become gridlocked like the rest of SoCal's freeways. 

I know it does little good to reflect on the SoCal of my youth. I'm 74 now, and I recall the Los Angeles before the 405 and the 10 freeways. I remember a time before smog. I started surfing in 1959 and still enjoy it when visiting the coast. 

In 2008, I left SoCal because of the ever-rising cost of living and the increase in crowding. I love SoCal. It is where I grew up. I miss those beaches and the weather. I miss my family and friends. From my perch in Colorado, I read and hear about the continuous years of drought in my home state. 

I would much prefer supporting the farms that feed the nation than kowtowing to the hit-and-run development industry. 

What will happen to SoCal when water flows from the taps for the last time a drought and the demands for water become greater than the supplies will allow?


How big a sample size do you need to prove that increasing water flow is NOT the magic bullet to return of salmon? Stop starving other regions and stakeholder of water based on PROVEN failure to make difference. 

Eco-freaks love science - until Science and data don't support their agenda.

Hilltown Trader