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Attacks on Ag

Jan 10, 2019

It is getting harder to find good news to talk about when it comes to California agriculture. As the rest of the United States, and the world for that matter, continue to realize the results of politics in our state, they will pursue food sources from other places. It will happen. The attacks on Central Valley agriculture are at an all-time high and the hits keep coming. Water is just one issue on a long list.

The latest was the appointment of Jared Blumenfeld by newly elected Governor Newsom to run CalEPA. Another Natural Resources Defense Council transplant who will ensure radical policy remains. The agenda from the United Nations just moved into the EPA building in Sacramento and will oversee the State Water Resources Control Board. We were assured the war with President Trump and the feds would continue with an increased intensity five minutes into Newsom’s inauguration. One group is trying to take water away, the other is trying to supply it. National Security and Business are caught in the middle.

Waters of The United States is close to being decided. It won’t matter for us. The State of California will make their own rules. High water table on your land will be an invitation for water board members to deem your property a wetland. Just one example of the loss of property rights we will experience going forward. The state is using all its tools to drive agriculture out of California. Tools such as the State Water Resources Board, the California Air Resources Board, overtime and wage law, along with a laundry list of things that take the attention away from growing crops and moves focus on defending yourself, every single day. While the feds attempt to protect the country and the economy, the state looks to protect the environment and the takers.

California politicians do not care about results for constituents. They care about getting re-elected. The war with President Trump is nothing more than a distraction from the issues they cannot and will not fix. Special interest runs California. These are the things that matter. Socialism is taking hold in California. Massive redistribution is happening from a nickel and dime level, and being forwarded straight to Sacramento.

What are we going to do about it?