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Nat'l Security

Jan 17, 2019

The biggest threat to national security is not happening along the southern border. It is quietly taking place on a daily basis in California as water necessary to grow the food that feeds half the nation relentlessly pours into the Pacific Ocean. In the next 24 hours alone, 72\% of the rainwater flowing into the Delta will become unusable saltwater. This is exponentially greater than what is needed to prevent saltwater intrusion into the Delta. Of the 194 or so countries in the world, only seven grow enough food to feed themselves with extra to export and leftovers to store for the next growing season. The U.S. is one of those seven. 158 countries can grow food, but must rely on other countries to meet their total food needs. This means less than 4\% of the world's countries have food independence. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of acres of the most productive farmland on the planet in California have been taken out of production because of the severe reduction of plentiful rains being captured and stored to grow our food supply. A nation that cannot feed itself loses all power of negotiations on the world stage.

Kristi Diener