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More Outflow

Jan 24, 2019

We always hear about how the delta needs more outflow for endangered fish to recover, but in the past two weeks, just 16\% was pumped and stored for 2/3 of California's needs. 83\% was undiverted delta outflow to the ocean. The pumps that capture freshwater to save for later human use before it reaches the sea, have been throttled back by 58\% during the few months when California receives the majority of its rain. This is for the protection of endangered smelt, yet zero smelt have been found in four months. This practice has been going on for 21 years, and has never resulted in the rebound of any fish. Between yesterday and today, we have lost a year's worth of water for more than 2 million people. This artificial drought is done by the hand of man, not climate change.

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Source here: https://water.ca.gov/…/…/Delta-Operations-Daily-Summary.pdf…

Kristi Diener