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Smelt Gov't

Feb 03, 2019

The delta smelt have been a great vehicle with which to grow government. They have created thousands of government jobs funded with tax dollars. These jobs produce no tangible goods and require ongoing funding from our pockets. If the species recovers, or becomes extinct, the majority of these jobs become unnecessary. It is one more reason the species is kept on the brink, rather than addressing issues like predators (Striped Bass pictured) and partially treated wastewater discharges into their habitat. Water control is another. Here is a small sample of some of the agencies created to implement just the 2008 Smelt Biological Opinion:

Water Operations Management Team

CALFED Ops Group

Fisheries or Operations Technical Team

Data Assessment Team

B2 Interagency Team

The Sacramento River Temperature Task Group

Smelt Working Group

Delta Smelt Risk Assessment Matrix 

American River Group

San Joaquin River Technical Committee

Delta Cross Channel Project Work Team

Gate Operations Review Team

Kristi Diener