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Newsom's Bill

Feb 08, 2019

First of all, farmers cannot afford $30-$40 million a year! Second, each of the bonds listed below has appropriated hundreds of millions of the total bond cost to get water cleaned up. Newsom's tax would generate an additional $110M year, but this issue has been repetitively funded for 23 years already! Californians should all be drinking water as clean as Hetch Hetchy's by now. 

Assemblyman Devon Mathis has proposed a constitutional amendment, ACA3, which would dedicate 2\% of the state's general fund for water related projects including infrastructure, paying off previous water bonds, addressing deferred maintenance on the 90+ dams that have been deemed neglected, and more. It would generate about $4B a year WITHOUT more taxes. This would be similar to 1998's prop 98, a constitutional amendment dedicating 40\% of the general fund for education. 

Here are the state bonds for clean drinking water. There are at least as many federal funding sources for this very issue as well. Where is the money and where are the results?

2018 - Prop 68 - $4.1B Bond; $243,750,000 for clean water

2014 - Prop 1 - $7.5B Bond; $520,000,000 for clean water

2006 - Prop 84 - $5.4B Bond for Water Quality Safety and Supply 

2002 - Prop 50 - $3.4B Bond for Water Quality, Supply, and Safe Drinking Water Projects

2000 - Prop 12 - $2.1B Bond to improve water quality

1996 - Prop 204 - $1B Bond - "Safe, Clean, Reliable Water Supply Act"