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To the Ocean

Feb 18, 2019

From Feb. 1 through today, a year's worth of fresh rainwater for 19,474,000 (nineteen million, four hundred seventy-four thousand) people is now unusable saltwater in the ocean. It will not be used to grow food. It will not be used in our homes and on our landscapes. It will not be used to recharge aquifers. It will not be used for temperature management for fish, to increase their flows, or to dilute wastewater in their habitats. It will not be used to improve water quality in disadvantaged communities. This water was not captured because our state refuses to build the water storage necessary to supplement our existing and previously paid-for water infrastructure system. We do not need to reinvent the wheel by squandering millions on ideas like making toilet water drinkable. Mother Nature gives us a bountiful water supply already. Every water user wins with more storage. It's past time for California to provide meaningful water security for its citizens, and to stop wasting money on useless ideas when the real solution is so obvious.

Kristi Diener