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Reservoir Chart

Feb 28, 2019

This reservoir chart is a little different from the other reservoir charts we've posted here. Look carefully and you will see red lines. When water reaches the red line on the reservoir, it means the reservoir cannot store any more water right now. That's because reservoirs have to leave flood protection space at the top to collect stormwater and snowmelt. The rules for each reservoir are different, but most can decrease the flood protection space and allow the reservoir to fill higher beginning April 1st. As you have probably heard, our snow to water content is about 150\% of average right now, and the upper third of the state is being inundated with heavy rains. In order to maintain this flood protection space, reservoirs now have to let water go. There is no place to put this released water except in the ocean. That's because for 40 years, under the leadership of the democratic majority in California and together with their monied radical environmentalist buddies, no action has ever been taken (and has been fiercely fought), to produce more room to park surface water. Their negligence is now resulting in several dry year's worth of water security for all Californians to be lost to the rising sea. It didn't have to be like this. We deserve better. 

Kristi Diener

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