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Water for 1M

Mar 07, 2019

Shasta Dam will be releasing up to a year's worth of water for one million people every 24 hours. There is no place to put the water except in the ocean. Trump has been actively trying to raise Shasta Dam to increase the storage space, but groups like the Sierra Club, National Resources Defense Council, and their representatives who have infiltrated our state legislature, are fighting to continue adding this water to the rising sea level.

In the future they say we'll have more droughts, but won't build major water storage for transferring water from wet years to dry years. They say we'll have more floods and a warmer, faster-melting snowpack, but won't build more water storage for flood protection. They say the sea level is rising, but won't build more storage to keep trillions of gallons of water from emptying into the sea. They say we need to recharge aquifers, but won't build more storage to catch the winter rains to put on the ground in the off season when the earth isn't saturated. Instead we will be forced to adhere to draconian water rationing restrictions, pay new taxes on water, have higher water bills while using less, watch the devaluation of our property as our landscapes die, and grow even less food on the most fertile and productive farmland in existence on the planet. Call your legislature now and demand our budget surplus be used for more water storage. Our water shortages are happening at the hands of man, not climate change. We deserve better.

Kristi Diener