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Water Tax

Apr 01, 2019

I very much like the idea of Senate Bill 669, but I think you have missed the point.  Water is something that the politicians can raise taxes on and will get little blow back.  No one ever suggests after all that we should raise taxes to pay for all those Public Pensions, or that our Bureaucrats need a raise.  Any new funding will most definitely be deposited into the general fund where it will of course disappear.  And then in a few years when we have forgotten about the water tax, a new Water crisis will emerge that of course can only be solved by another tax.


This state is desperate to feed the pension disaster and dishonest, conniving politicians like Newsom are staying up late to find new ways to separate tax payers from the money THEY earned. In this instance he's calling it a "water tax". LOL

The sheeple in this state of putrid politics can't get enough of this kind of thing.