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Expensive Fish

Apr 29, 2019

Tome Martin-Duvall As a scientist I would say 5 fish out of 38,000 is not a statistically significant number and the research should be scrapped.

Joe Sansoni Yet another example of the stranglehold that extreme environmentalism has on our state legislators...so ironic how most environmentalists don’t actually accomplish much good for the environment, but simultaneously have no problem letting their often misguided ideologies & quack “science” decimate the entire ag industry little by little.

Ron Darnell I would like to see the channels they used to make the run. I think there is a whole bunch of dry river bed between the ocean and Friant.

John Broeske Remember they run some of them down the river by truck.

Lee Drinkard Salmon sure make a lot of money for us up here. Restoring a strong run seems like it could pay off.

Sigrid Anderson Yes, and I appreciate your Alaska salmon. However, in this area (San Joaquin Valley or CA) it is truly a waste of time and money and valuable water. Ag and people have to come first in the San Joaquin Valley. There are salmon in the northern CA rivers so not needed in the Valley at the expense of multi billions of food crops and Ag jobs..