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Do a Study

May 02, 2019

In case Skelton hasn't noticed, Newsom's solution to every issue is to form a commission, do a study, gather great (?) minds together. Water has been studied in this state for 100 years. And nothing gets done. Newsom is just another long line of governors with more bluster than actual accomplishments.

Huddy's Revenge

It's the contrast from uber-terse Jerry Brown to Newsom's flamboyant verbosity. That contrast has been problematic because the stark recalibration wasn't widely anticipated. Not many folks wondered about what Jerry Brown was thinking; he'd tell us succinctly and we'd move on. Gavin starts to tell us and then keeps telling us; if we jump to early conclusions, his follow-on qualifiers can lead to a different conclusion. It's a new era, in a profound way, without comparing politics.