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Delta Sewage

May 09, 2019

Throwback Thursday! In the last five years since Congressman Devin Nunes stood on the House floor and said this in 2014, sewage and partially treated wastewater discharges have continued to increase and plague the Bay Area. The population in the region has grown a lot since this speech, and the San Francisco Bay cesspool has never stopped needing more and more water from people and food producers for flushing its waste to the sea. No population rebounds for endangered fish have ever occured, yet the Endangered Species Act has been used as a vehicle for stealing water from 2/3 of the state to send to the ocean for decades. Rather than spending the billions of dollars needed to replace dilapidated municipal sewer collection systems and treatment plants, the fifth largest economy in the world accepts third-world water quality in the Bay-one of the state's richest regions. California citizens will soon be rationed to 50 gallons per person per day. Millions of acres of the most fertile food-production land on earth which feeds America, will be returned to dust. The water needed to supply both will be used for pollution dilution instead. At the end of last year, the "State Water Grab" (40\% unimpaired flows/Bay Delta Plan) was approved which could result in the additional taking of up to a year's worth of water for 10,000,000 people to "improve water quality for fish" by requiring even more water for S.F. Bay outflows.

Kristi Diener