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Public Responses


Paradise Cleanup

May 15, 2019

Tom Clendenin This is an unforeseen disaster and should be treated like one. Put all bs environmental issues aside and expedite the rebuilding of the community! 

They have already gone through enough.

Kenneth Pack There just ain't no way around stupid..

Kerri Clinton If they lived through that fire then clean up won't kill them! Seriously?

Gary Mac Dodson Get rid of the one-sided ESA completely. If the rules aren’t equal for both animals and humans it is not worth the paper it is written on.

Michael Leavitt FROGS! FROGS OVER PEOPLE!!!? These people have suffered devastating loss of homes and lively hoods, California's ESA rules are beyond insane!

ShellyandJohn Ramont Has the E.S.A. Ever actually saved anything? Or does it just transfer wealth and power?