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May 21, 2019

Diane Falge Dam environmentalists!

Peter Houtman Raise the DAM NOW.

Julia Hughes Valdovinos I am so sick of our State Government and the crap they are pulling! Water is precious and needs to be saved and used by people, for farmers to grow our food and for people to consume and use in their households. They think the better option is to "naturally" let it go out to sea. Before there were damns, there were hardly any people living in this great state. Now there are a few million, we can't do things the old way.

Don Huff III More complicated than described. Shasta is a FEDERAL water project. The McCloud River has a STATE Wild and Scenic designation. Getting the State of California and the current Federal administration to agree on ANYTHING is virtually impossible. Sorry Westlands Water District, you're stuck in the middle, as are all of the many other downstream water users that this project would/could help benefit.

Jeff Huebner Don Huff III but where does the water go???

Don Huff III Jeff Huebner Right now the majority goes out under the Golden Gate Bridge to the tune of 47 Billion gallons a day. That's enough for over 1.4 million people per year, every day! We don't actually have a "Storage Shortage". We have a "Usage Issue". Man-made drought, even in a "wet year".

Jon Campbell I doubt Westlands would put one dollar into this project, they want more water , but they want the avg taxpayer to subsidize it - after their board decided to not spend one dollar on a project that may have guaranteed them water into perpetuity and expect the north not only to provide the water , but pay for its conveyance to the south , my opinion on the Southern Valleys water “rights” has changed

Cody Baker Jon Campbell if you read the articles or watched the videos you would see that the only reason they couldn’t vote for the funds was because there was no guarantee to those that would be investing in the project. They’re more than willing to pay for storage if they know for certain that they’ll get their allocations.