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Dear Governor

Jun 05, 2019

Letter to CA rep, senator and governor

Dear Mr. Newsome

Please vote NO on SB1. I am very concerned that this bill will make life very difficult for all CA tax payers. It will ensure that the gross mismanagement of water in California will continue. The mismanagement I am talking about is the following.

Water that is provided by snow melt is being sent out to sea due to outdated biological opinions that failed to save the smelt or the salmon when that water could be used to recharge depleted aquifers by filling rivers, ponds and catchment and ponding basins all across the state.

Farmers are being denied their full water allotment even though the reservoirs are full and snow levels are 200\% of normal levels for this time of year.

Water is being rationed by putting everyone on a 50 gallon limit in 2020 and our water bills are being taxed even though the drought is over and there is plenty of water available.

The present infrastructure was built and worked well for the population 50 years ago but the state's population has more than doubled and no new infrastructure has been added since 1970.

All the water sent through the Delta ostensibly to save the wildlife is only a pretext to hide the need to flush out all the raw sewage that is being dumped into the delta and making it toxic and killing the very wildlife we say we want to preserve from extinction.

This sewage problem is not being addressed except to send trillions of gallons of water through it to flush it out.

Farmers are being squeezed out by denial of water for food production and by denial of water to recharge ground water per the new regulations regarding ground water use. If you use groundwater you must have a plan in place to recharge it. But how do you do that if your water is being cut?

What this means is that California farmers are going to go out of business and there will be food shortages and prices are going to go up. This gross mismanagement of our state's resources will be maintained by this bill. I believe that with good water management, enforcing of regulations against dumping raw sewage into the delta and the bay and increased water storage reservoirs, there would be enough water for people, food production and for the environment. Please vote NO on SB1!

Thank you. Karin Campbell