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Less Than 100%

Jun 22, 2019

This year we received the fifth largest snowpack in nearly 70 years (which is weird since climate change is supposedly causing a smaller and faster melting snowpack). Still, state water for food and people will not be delivered at 100\% because, as they openly admit, water will be released to the ocean in an attempt to protect salmon and smelt-a policy that has failed for 27 years. There is no plan to move this water into underground aquifers to make groundwater "sustainable". There is no plan to use this water to stop ground sinking which is leading to billions of dollars in infrastructure damage. There is no plan to allow families to use this water in their homes, thus reducing water rates. Additionally, families will soon be required to permanently conserve -41\%. In 2020, all 80 assembly seats and 20/40 senate seats in California are up for grabs. We have 100 chances to change the direction of water. We deserve better. #PoliticalDrought#SnowEverywhereWaterNowhere #RechargeWithWhat

Kristi Diener