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Finally a President

Jul 14, 2019

Teri Dona Personeni CA biologists!! you can't handle the truth. I can't count the number of projects stalled or thrown out because the area is acceptable 'some kind of frog' environment. There are no frogs there. There is no water there, but if a frog wanted to live there and hike 1/2 mile down the hill for water, he could!!

Monica Diaz Rodin I live in California and here in the Central Valley we have farm land that grows crops that get rationed water so that S Cal. Can get water to water their lawns. We are fighting for our ag industry to get what they need. We’ve approved building more storage, only to be left holding the bill in our small town. I water my small veggie garden once a week and also save the water from waiting for the shower to heat up and the dishwater to heat up. I also use those for my couple of fruit trees. My point being, I hope Mr Trump does bring sanity to these idiots who can’t even comply with federal laws anymore. We pro-Trump Californians are trying to keep our patience but it’s getting ridiculously impossible. If these idiot potheads would sober up, they would realize what they’ve been voting for.

Julius W Stacy 2 dumb things here. 1 it use to be just and endanged smelt which is small and no one eats now its also a salmon? 2 so they believe they are so great that they can control animals extenction and by doing so they would rather kill humans thru starvation. 

Now im all for protecting animals. And whats truely sad is they are using science to decide what happens while ignoring the sciemce of evolution the weak die the strong adapt and over come. And also the scientific fact nature on its own has made many animals extinct.

Toni Simonian How amazing and awesome is it that we have a President getting involved and trying to understand what the problem is and how to correct it. I hope his administration and scientists come in and really SHAKE THINGS UP!

Carole Hoffman- Silveira Thank you to our President, nothing in Calif is true, these Politicians they put in place and the people that are appointed to run these agencies have no idea about water, or management or any other entity in Calif, just how to take a State and make it subservient to a Government, most have never worked , in any way shape or form in businesses or anything to do with Agriculture, they took a State that was # 1 in production and destroyed it for an insane Agenda, WE MUST RECALL this Governor and his regime!!!

Joe Flory Isn't Newsome and the State legislature trying to do an end around Federal law by passing State law to limit what the feds can do?

Jacob Samarin Yes it's called SB1. Or senate bill 1. It gives them the power to create their own Endangered Species List, and add any being on it they want. With 0 scientific proof that said being is endangered. So any type of building or restructuring that they are against, they can always go to the California Endangered Species List to get it stopped. In the name of saving said endangered being.

Jacob Samarin 1 1/2 years into his term and nothing has changed in Sacramento. Anything Trump tires to do, the politicians in this state override it. Like senate bill 1 that WILL pass. Btw this is not me siding Sacramento, it's me facing the reality that California has a hue political bias. State overrides Federal, or at least it has so far.

Ken McCoy After all, it is Federal Water, they are Federal Water Contracts, and they are Federal Water Projects / Facilities. I have always said: we need to get Trump involved. This same logic could probably be applied to a few things here and there.

Susan Doran Right on! It is Federal Money, which should be closely scrutinized as well! Finally some common since instead of a shell game of Newsom/Brown/Pelosi etc.