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Safe Water

Jul 22, 2019

Nancie Carter

If this is so urgent why is our current political staff spending money to support illegal aliens in this state? And I say "staff" because they are supposed to be working and representing those LEGAL constituents in this state as we have not voted to allow them to spend money on illegal aliens. No more taxes, fees, dues.....until the money this state collects is used for LEGAL Californians.


Chris Yeager

Many purification nodes and a rebuild of the infrastructure. Or, regulated systems in every home which would require subsidization due to the huge costs. Both would require a focused taxpayer involved decision. Spending on immigration and a host of environmental fantasies would need to be cost free. This monumental project would also require huge increase in storage and serious minded purification innovations. We are way behind the curve. The coverup goes back decades.

It's the water... And alot more.



Ricky Smith

As is the California normal, if you live in a community of 'non-color' and your water is substandard then your local water district will jack up your water bill to finance the needed improvements.

Now if you live in a community 'of color' and your water is bad, no worries. You're not expected to pay. The 'non color' community wil pick up the tab for improvements.

Newsome tried to force a water tax on the whole population and even some of his fellow D-rats got nervous about getting behind yet another tax going into the next election.

So now he takes 'cap and steal' funds instead which is really no different than the previous proposed water tax. We all still pay an extra 28 cents per gallon just for cap& steal alone not to mention all other taxes which give us the highest gas taxes in the US by far.

It's clear that the carbon extortion scheme has become what its critics all along said it would be- a giant slush fund for the D-Rats to play around in and distribute money around to their friends. Newsome steals hundreds of millions every year for the Brown Streak train to nowhere even though the project has been deemed to be a net polluter. Using the fund to fix water systems in communities 'of color' is legally dubious at best also.

It is especially disgusting when there are already two water bonds approved by the voters with unspent funds designed to handle exactly these types of substandard water systems.

And finally, the state has a $21 billion dollar surplus. Why is any tax, or hidden tax like 'cap& extort' needed at all?