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Harris & Newsom

Jul 28, 2019

Jacob Samarin Newsom supports above-ground water storage if it's for HIS area. (San Francisco) It's the only place any new water storage has been built in this state in 30 plus years. And while I will give him credit for trying to persuade the state water board to not go after the Hetch Hetchy water, that is again, SF's water. Where the state really messed up was giving 5 appointed (not voted in) people absolute power to what they want with all of the states water. This is too much power for 5 people to have. Especially 5 people who where appointed by Gov. Brown to begin with. If that isn't shady, I don't know what is.

Luann Crain Mr. Harris needs to get his priorities in order....

Dave Rose I think he is smarter than that.

Jeff Graham Dave Rose yes. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Jim Lehman If Newsom cared about the valley, he’d endorse building more water storage. This is a humanitarian problem, not political. Farmers grow food even for Democrats.

Chris Turner WOW, you’ve got to be kidding me. Blows me away how anyone in the Ag community can support Newsom. All he cares about is his short term game so he can run for president and say “I supported this, and I supported that.” A snake in the grass is a polite way of describing newsom

Vicky Scott Chris Turner just because they met and Mr Harris had his voice heard hardly means he has switched parties and supports the governor.

Nick Biscay The situation for Harris sounds bad. Almost all their farmland will be fallowed under SGMA. Newsom is happy because the devalued land sale will produce incredible income tax payable. Now if Newsom could exempt income from Harris’s land sale, then this picture would makes sense!!

Ronald Caetano Here are the FACTS.. 


Why , 

It’s about control.... 

Or maybe I shouldn’t say never ... at least not until there is a tax on water ,,, higher than a gas tax .... 

We proposed a completely Privately funded project for Temperance,,, it was denied.., the state would have had a damm built no tax money involved..... I don’t see it getting better than that....