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The Blame

Aug 31, 2019

Rick DuBois Dave Moors I had to go to Bakersfield yesterday for business and the amount of fallowed ground from the Central Coast to the Central valley due to the water and energy policies of this state was heartbreaking. Productive farmland being taken out of production due to the inability to irrigate. All because of decisions made in Sacramento. Some of the best agricultural land in the world being turned into solar farms because of this silly notion that we can't irrigate and grow food. If SB1 passes, we are all going to be in a world of hurt.

Mark Brandt Big media looking for things to blame on Trump. Previous trade agreements have hurt USA for decades.

Deena Reagan In the long run Trump is for the farmers, he’s the only one that’s for infrastructure, he’ll help build more water reservoirs!!!! California needs that!!

MBug Joan Ca Ag is hurting because Ca Government doesn’t like farmers and doesn’t support them they are trying to eliminate farming as a whole in this state. The have attacked it in every angle possible trying to weaken the industry from water, labor, transportations, and you name it.

Joe Wilson From things I read on this site, it seems the State of California is doing everything it can to drive farmers out of business. I don't see how you guys put up with all their nonsense.

Judy Crockett Don't blame Trump for what's going on in California, the people who run that state are nuts.

Mike Steele All of the above post is spot on. The current California government is actively trying to destroy the state’s agricultural sector......

Jason Vander Kooy Where were these reporters when WOTUS threatened farmers? Or ballot initiatives that threatened farms? Farm labor groups? Overbearing environmental laws? Crazy property tax rates? I could go on. They don't all the sudden care about the farmer. It's their dislike of our president that motivates them.

Eric Bream The tariff situation has affected my farm. No two ways about it. It will be temporary. Unless current water policy changes and the sentiment in Sacramento toward Ag changes from one of hate to at least one of tolerance, we will look back on these times as the good ol days when the next drought hits. THAT is permanent damage, and it won’t be Trump’s fault.

Ryan Schleis Fascinating how it says in the article in reference to dairy that many farms couldn’t make it go because of the states rules, regulations, labor etc. I tend to think these regulations no longer target only animal agriculture. Does this trade dispute hurt? Sure it does. Should these trade issues have been taken care of long ago? Absolutely. It’s pretty obvious this article is trying to blame the trade disputes for the results of the ineptness of California regulators. The only thing shocking for me is there was an admission within the article that the state is causing its own problem. Wake up CA. You are burying yourself. When you find yourself at the bottom of a hole, a sane person would stop digging. It seems as though the state of California bought into the shovel ready job deal before it was a thing. It also seems as though the only shovel ready job they could find was digging that hole. A shovel Is a single tool that could be used to build the foundation of an empire. Unfortunately, Sacramento thinks its only use for a shovel is to dig its own grave. In closing, wake the hell up America. California will, or already has tossed that shovel out of their own hole leaving themselves with no way out. My fear is other states are picking up that shovel. I prefer to stay above ground level.

Christopher Schriefer Real farmers know what Trump is doing has to be done because of the garbage of the last 50 years that came before him!!!

Frank Lopes WOW it is truly amazing the brazen way in which such lies are perpetrated!!! For some reason you just can not change a tigers stripes. For example Western United Dairymen association has a history of ALWAYS SELLING THEIR MEMBERSHIP DOWN THE RIVER, since the good old days of the Richard Cotta regime and it seems to still be going on until there are no more Dairymen left to represent in California. WUD has always been one to deflect the processors shortcomings and blame "someone" or "something" else.You don't need graphs, studies and government or industry numbers to realize that blaming our Dairymens hardships on the China trade correction(that's right, I call it a correction not dispute or fight) Blaming our dairy economic hardship on the China trade correction is like blaming the man on the moon for your case of diarrhea!!! Our independent dairy producers have been getting economically hammered for over 40 years when we had over 5,000 dairies in the early 80's to less than 1,200 today. So how does one become a "director of economic analysis" for WUD and some how manage to tie the economic problems of our dairy industry on the current China trade correction when China's dairy purchases from the U.S have always been and always will be minuscule????????????? The article claims $175mil in annual dairy sales from California to China? How many days production $$$ value is that in terms of dairyman mailbox prices?? 5,8,12???? The China trade situation has very little effect on California mailbox milk prices, if any measurable effect at all.