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Algae Blooms

Sep 02, 2019

Kristi Diener

In the past, fish killing, excessive nutrient discharges could be hidden. Now we have the presence of toxic algae blooms in the open, screaming the truth about what's really attributing to dwindling populations of endangered fish. Algae blooms threaten food sources and oxygen supply. The myth that the export pumps are responsible is being exposed with every lake closure. (The pumps capture water for 2/3 of the state into storage, before that water flows out to sea becoming unusable by anyone.) Media articles also incorrectly report blooms only happen in stagnant water when the temperatures are warmer. That does exacerbate growth, but time date maps show blooms all winter long, and through spring when deep snow packs were melting and rivers were running high. You can see that interactive map here: https://mywaterquality.ca.gov/…/where/freshwater\_events.html