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SB1 Changes

Sep 07, 2019

The latest on SB1: In its current form, it should be vetoed. However, some congressional democrats, and Senator Feinstein, have sent a letter to Newsom that proposes some amendments. The letter is below. SB1 is going to pass. The dems have the numbers. If these amendments were to be adopted, they make SB1 better than what we have now, and are probably the best we're going to get. SB 1 will be taken up again early next week.

Kristi Diener

Jacob Samarin I think this actually sounds like good news. They want to listen to the latest science, instead of using what is outdated. Now whether they listen to the d science is yet to be seen, but at least they want to hear it. And they oppose having the BOR completely complying with the ESA. With that being said it's funny how the first line is just a jab at Trump. It shouldn't be about sticking it to the other party. It should be about doing what is best of the citizens and wildlife of California.

Kristi Diener Make no mistake, this is still a bad bill. What they often do can be visualized using a number line from -10 to 10. They really want to pass -5, but they know everyone will resist. So they propose -10 instead. Then the sides who want +5 panic knowing crazy -10 can be passed because of the supermajority. So they compromise and the outcome ends up being -5. They always swing the pendulum wildly to the left first because it works. To answer your question as it relates to the water portion only: 1. Could increase a portion of the surface water deliveries, decreasing the negative effects of passing SB1 as is. The more water that can be put into recharge, the easier SGMA compliance will be. SGMA will still put an estimated 500,000 acres of farmland out of production. 2. Would allow work to continue on voluntary agreements affecting the 40\% unimpaired flows. Would probably lessen the full impact. Water will still be sacrificed. 3. Allows new science to at least be considered rather than thrown out. 4. Gives endangered fish an actual chance of a rebound. What we have now has plainly failed. 5. Could increase surface water deliveries depending on what is adopted by considering the new science. SB1 in its current form is completely devastating. With the amendments, more people get to hang on a little longer. We'll see how it goes next week.