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Sep 15, 2019



Mike Giles

Dunno where to start here. As an "Awakened', no-longer-life-long-CA-democrat, (who's seen Way Too Much Theft, Fraud, Bullying, Deceptions, and Plundering of The People committed by my former party), I've become aware (through a 27-year retiree from inside our State Capital building), that Cal-Gov has Stolen 30 years' worth of reservoir-building monies already allocated by our once-honest Cal-"Legislature"!! Our reservoirs aren't built, CA's population has doubled, and, . . . . The Money is Gone!!!!!!!!! The well-dressed criminals within our "legislature" have Enthroned the MASS-THEFT of almost 100\% of our Great Central Valley famers', ranchers', orchard creators', vineyard creators' legally owned water!!!!!!!!!! Trillions of gallons of our Completely Wasted, God-Given water runs Uselessly to the sea Every Year!! All the While, Virtually None of the phonied "save the fish" BS has occurred!!! This year enough water for Most of All America has run uselessly to the sea!!! These well-dressed criminals also include our Greatly-Phonied, MainStreamMedi-protected "environmentalists", who have gained Evil Controls over California's Water Supplies!!! CA "environmentalists", and their MSM protectors, will need to be jailed, as a first step!!! Also, please stop the ads, will you?