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Never Give...

Sep 18, 2019

Eric Bream The NRDC says California “needs SB1”. The only reason they would say that, as it relates to water, is to keep the failed status quo of declining fish populations, declining water quality, and a continued march toward extreme water scarcity in the face of watching millions of acre feet flow to the ocean because there is no where to put it. If they truly cared about Californians and fish populations, one would think that they would welcome a fresh scientific look at how we manage water for both. What they fear is transparency in the process. It just might prove that they’ve been wrong, and they can’t stand for that, particularly when it might also diminish some of the political stranglehold they seem to have on the politics of the situation. I don’t think they’re against new science, they’re just against new science that is out of their sphere of control. From my perspective, it should be out their sphere of control since by any objective measure, our current path is failing both humans and fish.

Devon Mathis We must never let up... Fascinating how their side doesn’t stop & yet we wonder why it continues... It’s the “Water War” if we do not continuously work to fight back, to push back, we will continue to lose.