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Sep 25, 2019

Jeff Stafford

When are the idiot democrats going to allow the building of dams instead of letting most water to run into ocean. During drought years prior to 1950’s fish would stay out in ocean. Now dams release water to maintain river levels. Environmentalist are changing the environment. Salt water would back up to Sacramento on high tide at end of summers. Infinite wisdom of the state keeps salt water from backing up into the Suisun marsh and Sacramento. The state builds canals for water to farmers then fish show up in canals now fish are protected and have priority over the farmers.The population grows, food is needed. Has a dam been built since the 60’s. Problem could be fixed is politicians would take their heads out of the as.... 


Libi Uremovic

dams trap water - specifically water that would normally go to the valley, so no - more dams will not help the farmers - it will lower their water tables faster ...

you're so programmed to repeat propaganda you don't understand that the problem is that socal is building houses without any water supply - the tunnels and dams proposed is not to benefit the farmers - it's to get water to socal ...


Matthew Graff

Libi Uremovic That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. 70\% or more of the snow/rainfall goes to the sea, it magically doesn't sink into the ground. The dems and their Friends of the river and the Sierra club bought and paid the demcorats to block every attempt to store water for a growing state. You own this disaster plain and simple.


Michele Nanjo

If the aquifers aren't saved, we won't have any groundwater. We can't keep drawing them down, so yes, there has to be conservation. But, 20 years is a long time and there are already plans being developed to mitigate the impact. We need to build more reservoirs and implement market solutions to get water to where it is most needed. Repurposing less productive land won't go amiss either. Humans are adaptable and I'm confident we'll adapt to this.