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New Rules

Oct 27, 2019

Re: “Newsom must not capitulate to Trump on Delta protections” (Editorial, Oct. 23):

The most important point in your Oct 23 editorial regarding new rules governing California water appears in the first line: The current rules are a decade old.

And in that time, struggling fish populations have continued to decline. Why would we want to lock in place out-of-date rules that aren’t achieving their stated purpose?

The new rules are based on the latest science revealed through a decade of work and hundreds of millions of dollars in research.In addition, the needs of fish will now be assessed through real-time monitoring rather than simply relying on an arbitrary calendar date.

Overall, the new biological opinions represent a generational change in how we manage water projects and their impact on the environment.

They will provide a better opportunity to reduce environmental impacts as well as improve water reliability for all Californians, including farmers, urban areas, rural communities and the environment.


Mike Wade

Executive Director

California Farm Water Coalition