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Nov 26, 2019

Mark Brandt The fish are in danger because of the raw sewage being dumped in the delta. We will never be able to dump enough water into the delta to counter this or the stupidity of those trying to hide it by blaming agriculture.

Kassi Brooks Shepard The “delta smelt “ are not even native to CA!!! Why do people care so much about a fish smaller then a sardine that does NOTHING !

Melvin Dusty Gokey Don’t they know when you send water where it belongs the water table goes up

Phyllis Isheim When Newsome was in Fresno a few weeks ago, he said he cared about the Valley and the farmers, now the truth comes out! As usual nothing but lies from this governor!

Jason Wyman If they dredge the delta, Sacramento River and the feather river then the waters would run deeper narrower and colder. Fish would do better. That’s if it was done properly.

Jacob Samarin I think him vetoing SB1 was just a workaround so SF’s water wasn’t put in jeopardy. Now that it’s safe he will stop more water from flowing down to us farmers who need it to grow the food for the people who live in places like SF.

Lisa Sansoni Gallichio JFK, God rest his soul, is appalled by what his party has evolved to! He was another President that was for the people and by the people and had a broader vision for a balance of all mankind. The result of his passing began the onset of the deterioration of his party. “It’s not what your country can do for you, it’s what you can do for your country”.

Members of the extreme left should heed his words.

Chery Hassler JFK was the last Democratic President I voted for.....never again, not this Democratic party!!