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Newsom's Motives

Dec 20, 2019

Re:  Gov. Newsom’s threat to sue Trump upends peace talks on California water wars

I almost didn't share this story because of the obvious political bias and half truths, but I do think it's important to somewhat set the record straight. Do you all recall the "40\% unimpaired flows" plan that the State Water Resources Control Board approved last December? Newsom wasn't governor yet, but he and Brown sent a letter to the water board urging them to support voluntary agreements rather than approving the plan. Then Board Chairwoman, Felecia Marcus, led its approval anyway, and was subsequently not reappointed by Newsom in January. Why did Newsom care? The 40\% unimpaired flows plan directly affects the Tuolumne River, and that river fills Hetch Hetchy, the water supply for San Francisco. Voluntary agreements are still being worked on, and without them, Hetch Hetchy's water supply would be subject to draconian water cuts for the first time. Newsom's political base could see rationing to as little as 8-11 gallons per person per day, in a drought year. SB1, vetoed by Newsom earlier this year, would have also nullified voluntary agreements and cut off water to his peeps. Newsom instead defied the democrat dominated state legislature and vetoed the bill. The Sac Bee, along with their NRDC buddies, unjustly accuse Westlands Water District of bullying Newsom into voluntary agreements. The truth is, Newsom would have a hard time being re-elected or running for higher office if he cut off water to his supporters.

Kristi Diener