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Twisted Story

Jan 16, 2020

This story is so twisted, I had to really think about whether or not I should share it, and how best to steady the spin. First off, if you scroll to the end portion, the headline itself is negated. It would have you believe Trump took away a huge chunk of L.A.'s drinking water, and gave it to farmers in the Central Valley. In reality and in plain terms, the Trump administration told CA if they want to send X amount of their own state water to the ocean, go ahead, but the federal government will no longer be sending as much of its water to sea, opting instead to return more of it to people and agriculture. CA found itself in a pickle because it has made such a big deal about fish, and has created so many laws commiting water to environmental causes. When they realized they'd no longer be able to count on as much federal water to waste, suddenly they had to decide how to adhere to their own rules with their own water. Did they reduce environmental programs to ensure L.A. would still have its normal supply? Nope. They cut L.A.'s drinking water in favor of outflows. They then connected two parts of the whole story and left out the middle, attempting to anger L.A. residents by exclaiming Trump took L.A.'s drinking water and gave it to farmers. In a nutshell, L.A. does not get any water from the federal Central Valley Project, so it is impossible for Trump to take it away. Also, in the big picture, the amount of state water L.A. receives is only 30\% of their supply. Voluntary Agreements are still being negotiated as well, and when all is said and done, L.A. expects to have an even larger supply than they do now.

Kristi Diener

How a State Deal with Trump Administration Drained 6 Months Worth of Water from L.A.