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Jan 28, 2020

Alice Hall thank you for this clarification

Tracy Peters-Proud I had a liberal dimtard friend tell me that people would now be allowed to dump raw sewage in the river

Paul Betancourt I have heard about this

WOTUS was a nightmare

Jeanne Holcroft Thank you for giving the other side.

Harvey Massie The government over reach must be rained in

Sandee Ring The reading about all this is substantial - sheesh. But the most difficult thing about all this is what I read about the duplication of efforts people have to jump through to do even the most simple of things; much like the guy in this reading wanted a road on his private property that ending up costing $40,000 and was 250 miles from the nearest water. What is the answer when, in the past, there have been reports of commercial companies found illegally dumping waste in streams. More policing? Certainly the guy that wanted a road on his land shouldn't have had to go through so much.

Kathy Bettinsoli Avinelis When these companies illegally dump waste in streams, then they go after them; it still is illegal to do. But the same thing should apply to cities who dump partially treated, to over flow sewage in to the Delta. We don't need more regulations, there are plenty of them already on the books.

Steve Carter None of the President’s undone regulations will pollute anything. Environmental groups have had to much power to take public lands away from United State citizens.

Mike Mora It's going to take some time before the reality of the President's EPA rule is fully understood as a good thing.