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Feb 07, 2020

Tim Pashayan The reason for this bullshit and that’s exactly what it is bullshit we the people have allowed politicians to turn our government into their own playground. We are the ones that should be chastised not them for allowing jerk offs like this to come up with this kind of crap. During World War II they could build a battleship in 120 days it’s time to get rid of these jackasses we have a litmus test for voters because one of these people have to go or both

Dennette Nakamura And meanwhile the people who fill out the paperwork, write the meaningless words, and do the endless studies have a job. This is classic government job creation. The act of doing nothing worthwhile, producing nothing of worth, but still getting paid.

George Webb The "bureaucratic process" (never ending red tape) is what drove me nuts while working for the US's premier dam building agency, the USBR (Bureau of Reclamation). As the "environmental movement" gained steam I saw project after project shut down beginning with Auburn Dam and ending with the Trinity River project which finally ended my career as a Surveyor/Construction specialist/Project designer in 1997. Now, after 20 more years we finally have a president with an administration that is focused on results- NOT bureaucratic process. So let's keep "draining the swamp" of bloated bureaus and all their regulations and hopefully we can build "fresh water" projects once again for the benefit of all !!!

Rob Umino Brought to you by the same people that are delivering the high speed train from sf bay are to LA!!! 

Heather Kingdon What a masterful SCAM..they get checks each month and drag it out over decades and nothing happens! And the bureaucracy grows and grows.layers upon layers..What a total mess CA is..

Nancy Eklund Hunsicker Good lord... this explains so much

Karen Zydner omfg