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Nov 17, 2017
Trump's Calif
There is hardly anything factual in this propaganda piece.

Nov 16, 2017
You would think the sky is falling.

Nov 12, 2017
When Trump appoints someone, they scream bloody murder.

Nov 09, 2017
Covering Costs
Since your water supplier could not sell you the water that was available, they could not cover their fixed and maintenance costs.

Nov 08, 2017
Ag Misinformation
It is actually insulting to those who know the facts.

Nov 07, 2017
Westlands Deal
Ahhhh...EXCUS ME! Why did Mr. Huffman fail to mention?

Nov 07, 2017
Los Vaqueros
A fierce dam opponent, but lives in the region in which Los Vaqueros would benefit.

Nov 05, 2017
Was the 2007-10 adjudicated drought contrived to get Southern Californians to embrace a Delta water fix?

Nov 02, 2017
Klamath Dams
This has nothing to do with salmon and everything to do with Pacific Corp not wanting to spend the money to renovate the aging dams.

Oct 31, 2017
I'll choose the old lady in a second.

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