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Sites Proponents

Apr 20, 2017

Wet year spurs proponents of new California reservoir:  “As one of the wettest California winters in memory nears its end, the state’s major reservoirs are all essentially full or well above their historical average levels. It’s good news for everyone and everything that depends on water, especially after several years of reduced allocations for farmers and huge losses for salmon, which were frequently unable to spawn successfully for lack of cold water.  In spite of their replenished supplies, the glass is still half empty for many farmers and urban water districts. They feel the state should have had more, or higher, dams in place to bank away more of the precipitation that ran into the sea during the past few months. … ” Read more from Water Deeply here:  Wet year spurs proponents of new California reservoir

Metropolitan’s help could bring political support for Sites Reservoir, says the Appeal-Democrat:  They write, “The immediate reaction by many locals to news that Southern California is interested in Sites Reservoir might be the suspicion that there is a grab being made for Northern California water.  We’re always worried about that … rightly or wrongly.  The truth is, in this case, if you’re a supporter of the proposed Sites off-stream reservoir, you should probably welcome interest by the Metropolitan Water district of Southern California. They have some money they can throw at the project, as well as some experience that might come in handy as supporters go about putting the project together and seeking funding. ... ”  Read more from the Appeal Democrat here:  Metropolitan’s help could bring political support for Sites Reservoir