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Tunnel Alternatives

Jul 14, 2017

Opponents of California’s Delta tunnels project push alternative strategies: In June, two federal agencies gave their blessings to the controversial project to build two water conveyance tunnels under California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Environmental groups promptly sounded the alarm that the state’s so-named WaterFix project would not, as its backers claim, solve the matrix of problems plaguing the Delta and the people and creatures relying on it. …  But if not WaterFix, then what? Peter Moyle, a University of California, Davis, fishery biologist, believes the Delta tunnels will help imperiled salmon and smelt mainly by changing the location from which water is drawn from the Delta. It also provides a point of diversion that is 30ft above sea level, whereas the existing pumping stations in the southern Delta are much lower and more at risk of being inundated by seawater.  “If you oppose the tunnels, you need to propose an alternative,” Moyle said.  That is what WaterFix opponents have done.  … ”  Read more from Water Deeply here:  Opponents of California’s Delta tunnels project push alternative strategies

Twin tunnels plan is critical to Livermore Valley customers:  “The East Bay Times coverage this month of the governor’s plan for twin tunnels under the Delta to convey water to user south of the Delta completely missed the importance of that project to the Livermore Valley.  In a normal year—or an abundant year such as this one—Zone 7 receives about 80 percent of the water through the Delta that it delivers to retailer water sellers (city of Livermore, city of Pleasanton, California Water Co. in Livermore and the Dublin-San Ramon Services District). ... ”  Read more from Pleasanton Weekly here:  Twin tunnels plan is critical to Livermore Valley customers

California Water Fix crucial to South Orange County, says Megan Yoo Schneider:  She writes, “The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is 435 miles from South Orange County, but the impact of what happens there is felt as close to home as your shower.  The Delta is the heart of the State Water Project. Near Stockton, the Delta is where the tidal forces of the Pacific Ocean meet the outflows of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. Water flows through the Delta before entering a series of reservoirs, pumps and canals that bring water from the Sierras to Southern California. … ”  Read more from the San Clemente Times here:  California Water Fix crucial to South Orange County