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Drought Stirred Action

Sep 12, 2017

Deep drought stirred action on California's water:  “Though the nation’s first state law to assure the human right to safe water and sanitation was enacted in California in 2012, not much happened immediately afterward. The law existed in a dormant state, like a seed waiting for a storm.  The storm eventually came, but, as it happened, it was a lack of rain that brought the seed to flower.  In the first months of 2013, a tenacious zone of high pressure anchored itself in the eastern Pacific Ocean, forming an atmospheric ridge that blocked winter moisture from reaching California. More than three years of intense drought followed — years that lifted water to the center of the state’s politics and embedded right-to-water ideas deep within the government’s decision-making structures. … ”  Read more from the Circle of Blue here:  Deep drought stirred action on California’s water