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Forest Policy

Oct 12, 2017

What needs to be done to stop wildfires in drought-killed forests:  “With 17 large wildfires in California igniting in 24 hours this week, October is shaping up to be a brutal month for wildfires, as it often is. It’s too soon to know what caused multiple conflagrations spreading across Northern California’s wine country, but elsewhere in the state dead and dying trees have been the subject of much concern. The five-year drought in California killed more than 102 million trees on national forest lands. That is a gigantic problem in itself that will lead to huge wildfire risks in the future and big changes in wildlife habitat. ... ”  Read more from Water Deeply here:  What needs to be done to stop wildfires in drought-killed forests

California's wildfires: Why have they been so destructive?  “Intense, fast-moving fires have been raging across much of California since Sunday night. The blazes have barreled through communities like freight trains, turning homes to dust in a blink and leaving at least 23 people dead. The largest of the fires are in the state’s wine country north of San Francisco.  “We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Trina Grant, 40, who grew up in California but was not prepared for the ferocity of this year’s fire season. Her parents, Arthur and Suiko Grant, died on Monday when flames consumed their home. … ”  Read more from the New York Times here:  California’s wildfires: Why have they been so destructive?