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Right Thing To Do?

Apr 14, 2018

The delta tunnels plan is costly, risky and unfair to L.A. It's also the right thing to do

In voting Tuesday to pay two-thirds of the cost of building two tunnels to divert river water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and direct it southward, the Southern California Metropolitan Water District's board bought into a plan that's costly, risky, uncertain and unfair. And it is taking its ratepayers with it, because they will have to shoulder the costs on their water bills.
But it was the right move nevertheless — for the ratepayers as well as for the agency. Despite the costs, the risks and all the rest, the California WaterFix, as the tunnel project is known, remains the cheapest and least speculative option for Southern California to secure a continuing water supply as the combined effects of climate change, environmental restoration mandates and increasing demands by other states and nations slow the flow of imported water to the region.

L.A. Times