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West Side Impact

Sep 14, 2018

West side ag could be hit hard by water plan:  “A state agency is expected to reach a decision Nov. 7 on its controversial plan to increase flows in three tributaries to the lower San Joaquin River – a controversial proposal which opponents contend would bring devastating consequences to Northern San Joaquin Valley farming operations and communities.  The highly-publicized state water board proposal to impose average unimpaired flows of 40 percent on the Tuolumne, Stanislaus and Merced rivers has been closely watched by ag interests, water agencies and environmentalists alike.  That proposal would impact east side communities and agencies most dramatically, local water officials recently told Mattos Newspapers – but a second, lesser-known phase to the plan could have the same impacts on West Side agencies. … ”  Read more from Westside Connect here:  West Side ag could be hit hard by water plan