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Down the Drain

Mar 12, 2019

Down the drain: What man-made products are in our waterways?: “Imagine how many consumer products you might use in a given day. This morning you probably used some form of soap or shampoo, some toothpaste, maybe you took a medication like ibuprofen. I’m probably missing a few in this list. Got your number? Now amplify that by millions of people around the world also using the same products, or more, every day.  What happens to the ibuprofen that our body doesn’t metabolize? What happens to the fragrances in our soaps, or the sunscreen we wash off in the shower? Scientists are following those products down the drain to understand where the thousands of chemical compounds we use each day end up. … ”  Read more from EnviroBites here:  Down the drain: What man-made products are in our waterways?