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One Tunnel, Distrust

Feb 13, 2020

One tunnel, same distrust:  “State water officials offered an early look at the downsized California WaterFix project earlier this month, and conservationists and far-traveling indigenous tribes say they still believe it has the potential to permanently alter life in and around the Delta.  … In response to Gov Gavin Newsom’s executive order last April to limit the project to one tunnel, the California Department of Water Resources held one of its first public “scoping meetings” Feb. 3 to start a new environmental review process. But the scope of what DWR’s engineers have in mind still includes two steel and concrete intakes along the Sacramento River between Hood and Courtland, as well as two large forebays and various pumping plants.  … ”  Read more from the Sacramento News & Review here: 🔓 One tunnel, same distrust