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Reduced Pumping

Mar 24, 2020

Delta exports reduced in winter 2020 to protect salmon and smelt:  Tom Cannon writes, “One of the ramifications of dry conditions in winter 2020 has been the need to cut Delta exports to protect salmon and smelt listed under the state and federal endangered species acts. Lack of rain has led to reduced Delta inflow and outflow (Figure 1), which in turn has required reductions in south Delta exports (Figure 1), per the state’s 2009 incidental take permit and the 2019 federal biological opinions.  The state permit requirement is prescribed to protect longfin smelt, which need protection under the present circumstances. … ”  Read more from the California Fisheries blog here:  Delta exports reduced in winter 2020 to protect salmon and smelt

Environmental flows in California:  Alyssa Obester, Sarah Yarnell, and Ted Grantham write, “The California Environmental Flow Framework was recently highlighted in the 2020 Water Resilience Portfolio to address the seemingly impossible task of establishing of how much water our rivers and streams need to support healthy ecosystems. While many methods for setting environmental water needs exist, the Framework provides a unique and flexible approach that is applicable statewide.  What is the California Environmental Flows Framework? Developed by a workgroup of researchers and agency staff from across the state, the Framework is a guidance document for developing ecological flow criteria, which describe the timing and magnitude of streamflow required throughout the year to support native species and their habitat. ... ”  Read more from the California Water Blog here: Environmental flows in California