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Different Conversation

Apr 08, 2020

Commentary: It’s time to start a different conversation about water:  Christian Scheuring of the California Farm Bureau Federation writes, “Spring is a perennial season of hope, and even against the back of devastating human news around the planet, the soils are warming and the crops are pushing.  Just now, as well, the COVID-19 pandemic has Californians looking at their grocery stores in a whole new way: as a lifeline in a continuing public health emergency.  That emergency makes health care providers and other first responders into heroes who man the ramparts while a broad swath of society is shuttered for the time being. Farmers and farm employees remain at their posts, too, and the water system that ultimately feeds us all is beginning to limber up. Across California irrigation districts, canals are being charged and pumps are being lowered into the state’s rivers, streams and conduits. … ”  Read more from Ag Alert here: Commentary: It’s time to start a different conversation about water