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Solar on All Farms

Jul 16, 2017

California Requires Solar Panels on All Homes and Windmills on All Farms

As you are aware, Governor Jerry Brown has stated that California will go its own way during the Trump Administration.  One of the biggest issues that Brown and his allies in the state legislature have focused on is climate change.  They have decided to take matters in their own hands and make California a totally renewable energy state.  

The California Senate Majority Leader Kevin de León has introduced a new bill that would mandate the Golden State get all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045.  This replaces a law that was passed in 2016 that dictated that renewable energy sources be 50% of all electricity produced by 2030.  This bill moves that requirement up to 2025 with the 50% edict and establishes the new 100% standard 20 years later.