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Green Spot Problem

Aug 10, 2017

Oroville Dam's Green Spot: Innocent Pool Or Big Problem?

The failure of the Oroville spillway in February led people to notice a large green spot on Lake Oroville's dam. The spot has been there for years, but the questions remain as to whether it's a sign the dam is leaking.

It’s become known as the “green spot” regardless of the season. It comes and goes, green in the spring, brown in the summer.

Capital Public Radio

Panel Weighed Oroville Spillway Failure in 2014 — and Called It Unlikely  That finding, apparently based on inaccurate or incomplete information from the California Department of Water Resources about the condition of the dam’s spillways and the strength of the rock they were built on, has led some dam safety experts and DWR critics to question both the evidence the safety board reviewed and whether the review process itself is effective. Dan Brekke KQED