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Trusting the Tunnels

Sep 12, 2017

Trusting the tunnels: For many, it just got harder:  Alex Brietler writes, ““Beneficiary pays.” It is one of the bedrock promises of the Delta tunnels plan, one which I have seen repeated time and again at public meetings, in interviews and in boatloads of documents over the past 11 years.  “Those who would benefit from the tunnels would pay for them.” How many times has that sentence, more or less, shown up in my copy?  The Office of Inspector General’s audit on Friday appears to erode that basic, fundamental promise. It turns out that the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation contributed nearly $85 million to the tunnels plan over a period of seven years. That’s nearly one-third of all of the planning costs as of mid-2016. ... ”  Read more from Alex Brietler's blog here:  Trusting the tunnels: For many, it just got harder

The Delta tunnels: It's crunch time:  Tony Butka writes, “In terms of how to guarantee a good water supply for Southern California during all these weather changes, I wrote an article for CityWatch recently, “Life Without Water, Or Why the Delta Tunnel Is So Critical to LA.”   On September 26 there is a key vote coming up at the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) as to whether the project will move forward with their approval. So, let’s see where we are in terms of the City of Los Angeles and its Department of Water and Power, as well as the larger MWD which currently supplies a large percentage of water to the desert we call Southern California.  … ” Read more from CityWatch here:  The Delta tunnels: It’s crunch time

New study: Water Fix is unnecessary for SoCal's water supply:  Doug Obegi writes, “Last week, my colleague published a report entitled Mismatched: A Comparison of Future Water Supply and Demand for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Its Member Agencies. The report compares the 2015 Urban Water Management Plans prepared by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and its member agencies. It documents that in average water years, MWD's plan assumes that demand for imported water is hundreds of thousands of acre feet higher than the local agencies’ plans. What’s more, the report demonstrates that if all of the local supply projects included in these plans were constructed, demand for imported water would precipitously. While the results are not as stark in dry years, even in dry years MWD estimates higher demand for water than the member agencies in Southern California. ... ”  Read more from the NRDC here:  New study: Water Fix is unnecessary for SoCal’s water supply

Water Fix would devastate more than just salmon:  Tom Cannon writes, “Dave Vogel and I are contributing a series of posts on the potential effects of the WaterFix Twin Tunnels Project on Delta fishes. Our focus to date has been on salmon. In this post, I focus on the “other” fishes of the Bay-Delta that will be harmed by WaterFix.  Striped bass will be devastated by WaterFix tunnel intakes located on the lower Sacramento River. The main spawning run of striped bass is in spring in the lower Sacramento River from near Colusa down to the tidal Delta. ... ”  Read more from the California Fisheries blog here:  Water Fix would devastate more than just salmon