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Time for Fix

Sep 17, 2017

It's time to approve the Cal Water Fix project, says Lucy Dunn: “Every day, I walk into the kitchen, turn on the faucet, and clean drinking water magically appears. It’s a miracle, really, and I’ll bet, like me, you don’t even think about it — the water always flows. Even in the years of drought we endured, good local water management and conservation got us through the tough times. The water always flows. But not all of Orange County’s water is from local groundwater sources. About half the supply is imported from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region in Northern California or the Colorado River from a system that is almost 50 years old, deteriorating and even detrimental to fish and wildlife. A major earthquake could leave Southern California without a reliable water supply for weeks, even months. … ” Read more from the OC Register here: It’s time to approve the Cal Water Fix project