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Storage Stalling

Feb 12, 2018

Californians voted to spend billions on more water storage. But state government keeps sitting on the cash

We could be headed into another drought. There's little Sierra snow and valleys are dry. Is California ready this time?
Not really.
Good signs: There's still a lot of water stashed in reservoirs from last year's abnormally wet winter. And we've become better at using less water in our homes and yards.
One very bad sign: We haven't increased our water storage capacity.

L.A. Times

Can new California water storage projects win state funding?  “If California taxpayers are going to spend $2.7 billion on new water storage projects, the projects had better come with many more environmental benefits.  That was the message sent by the California Water Commission, which on February 2 released its first analysis of 11 projects vying for a share of the riches. The money will come from Proposition 1, a ballot measure approved by voters in 2014, which empowered the state to issue nearly $2.7 billion in bonds for water storage, whether new reservoirs, groundwater recharge or some form of hybrid. … ”  Read more from Water Deeply here:  Can new California water storage projects win state funding?