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Funding Hijacked?

Feb 12, 2018

Will Funding for New Water Storage Be Hijacked at the Last Minute?

Tim Anaya, Pacific Research Institute 

The effort to build more water storage in California just hit another setback.
The bureaucrats at the California Water Commission just released their scorecards for 11 proposed water projects from around the state.
Their scorecard – which supposedly ranks their “public benefit” to California taxpayers – ranked two critical statewide water storage projects very low.
According to The Fresno Bee, the proposed Temperance Flat dam project near Fresno earned a zero score.  Another important project, the shovel-ready Sites Reservoir project in Northern California, also received a low score.  Temperance Flat would generate enough water storage to provide water for 2.6 million Californians for a year, while Sites would provide enough water storage for 3.6 million people.