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Day Zero?

May 15, 2018

Day Zero … for California?  Congressman Jeff Denham writes, “In a few short months, the city of Cape Town, South Africa is scheduled to run out of water. Taps will shut off, and people are scared. It’s being called “Day Zero.” Save for a miracle, this will be the first time in modern history a major city runs out of water.  With so many pressing issues facing our country – like immigration reform and national security – building new water storage reservoirs and dams doesn’t exactly grab anyone’s attention. But Californians need to pay very close attention, because the crisis in South Africa draws striking parallels to Central Valley communities that could be left without our most precious resource the next time a major drought hits the area. It takes years to plan and execute large-scale water infrastructure projects; if we wait until “Day Zero” is upon us, it’s too late. … ”  Read more from the Patterson Irrigator here:  Day Zero … for California?